“Spirituality” is now available!

The new printing of Spirituality: A Postmodern and Interfaith Approach to Cultivating a Relationship with God is now available. Not only does this latest issue of my first book feature a snappy new subtitle, it also contains a new introduction and a new cover, featuring photography by my wife, Fran McColman. Since, like every other author who is not yet a household name, I'm also a part-time monger of my own books, you can order a copy directly from me using Paypal. Just click on the link and … [Read more...]

Back to the Shack

My friend (and bookstore colleague) Fr. Tom has discovered William Young's The Shack, and is now recommending it to everyone who will listen. I'm pleased to see that it has become a New York Times Bestseller. I pointed Fr. Tom to my own review — written almost a year ago now — and so I thought I'd dig it up again for newcomers to this blog.Click here to read my review of The Shack. … [Read more...]

A New Look for Spirituality

My first book, Spirituality, is being reprinted this year, with a new introduction, a new subtitle, and a new look. Here's a sneak preview of the cover, featuring a photograph by my wife. … [Read more...]

Emerging Church Reading List

If you'd like a few pointers on books to read about the emerging church/emergent/emerging conversation (this theologial trend has multiple buzzwords, all of which have a slightly different meaning but in general refer to how Christianity is encountering Postmodernity), visit this blogpost on the Emerging Church: Top 5 Books for American Reporters. Actually more than five books are listed, and links are provided to several other interesting book lists. I agree with Becky Garrison (who forwarded … [Read more...]

A New Look for Paganism

One of my books — The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism — has a new cover. It's very pretty (and I can say that, since I had nothing to do with designing it!) … [Read more...]

Kings and Gods

Daniel Berrigan didn't just go away when the Viet Nam war ended. He's still around, and at 87, still teaching and writing.His new book is called The Kings and their Gods: The Pathology of Power. It's a Bible Study of I and II Kings, looking at some of the lessons in those Old Testament books concerning political power — and, in true Berrigan style, he asks some hard questions about how those ancient lessons are relevant to our perilous times … [Read more...]

Bella Online

Trish Deneen, an editor at Bella Online, has written a very fair and balanced review of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism. What I find particularly wonderful is her frank acknowledgment that I am no longer a practicing pagan myself ("Much internet buzz had been made about Carl McColman's conversion from Paganism to Catholicism in the last few years"), nevertheless she felt this book needed to be reviewed on its own merits. I couldn't agree with her more. As I've said myself, when commenting … [Read more...]