The Road Not Taken

My dear readers, I try to keep the angst-quotient on this blog to a bare minimum, but this morning I am going to indulge myself a bit. You have been duly warned. Read on at your own risk.Yesterday morning I received an email from Bob P., a reader of this blog, who wrote this observation: I’ve been reading your wise blog posts on discipline and your rule for life and the huge amount of reading that you do.  I’m wondering why is this guy not teaching Spirituality at the Phd level at a well known … [Read more...]


I had an interesting insight the other day.As I'm wending my way through my midlife years, I have been playing with the "What if..." questions that I suppose haunt many people in their forties. But I guess where some people wonder "What if I really had become an artist/musician/actor/writer instead of just settling down in my career?" my questions run more along the lines of "What if I really had pursued a professional career instead of the writer's life?"Don't get me wrong: I'm deeply … [Read more...]