Quote for the Day

The idea of memory was very important in Celtic spirituality. There are lovely prayers for different occasions. There are prayers for the hearth, for kindling the fire, and for smooring the  hearth. At night, the ashes were smoored over the burning coals, sealing off the air. The next morning the coals would still be alive and burning. There is also a lovely prayer for the hearth keepers that evokes St. Bridget, who was both a pagan Celtic goddess and a Christian saint. In herself, Bridget … [Read more...]

Brigid’s Well

I've created a new page for this website that I'm calling the Holy Well. Eventually I'd like it to be a page devoted to Celtic Spirituality, in much the same way as my Mystics page is devoted to the great contemplatives of the western tradition and the Spiritual Formation page is devoted to the practice of Christian spirituality. But for now, I needed some content just to get the page going, so I resurrected a page from the old "Brigid's Well" website I had set up in my druid days. Basically it … [Read more...]

I arise today through the strength of heaven…

Courtesy of the good folks at Beliefnet, here's a wonderful flash-animated "meditation" built around St. Patrick's Lorica prayer:Christian Morning Meditation: The Prayer of St. Patrick of IrelandThe music — a Gaelic ode to Brigit sung by Katy Taylor — is particularly lovely and haunting. … [Read more...]

Purity and Hospitality

Today I thought about "Purity Rings." They're popular among young people nowadays. They are worn as part of a vow to abstain from certain sexual activities such as pre-marital or extra-marital intercourse. In and of themselves, I suppose they can be meaningful to those who wear them, as a sign of holding and maintaining important boundaries in a culture that all too often has no clue what "boundaries" are.But what bothers me is not so much that we pay so much attention to purity, but rather … [Read more...]