Locking the Barn Door After the Horse is Out

Here's a glimpse into the kinds of things that are happening in Carl's and Fran's world...We've issued fraud warnings with the credit bureaus, closed Fran's checking account, and placed warnings on my and Rhiannon's accounts (because the thief got our information due to my doing the taxes with TurboTax, and also helped himself to four books of Fran's checks); We are shopping for a safe. We are shopping for a home security system. We've signed up for .Mac so that we can use its web-based … [Read more...]

Silver Lining

It's way past my bedtime — but I wanted to just take a minute to post my first blog entry from my new MacBook. I'm two thousand dollars deeper in debt than I was this time yesterday (let's hear it for a speedy processing of my insurance claim), but I've got a sweet new laptop to show for it.Meanwhile, we just keep stumbling into freaky new rooms in this topsy turvy funhouse. Fran discovered that about 150 of her checks are missing. Looks like we'll be closing our bank accounts ASAP. … [Read more...]