Hooray for USAA

Yesterday I got my insurance settlement for the burglary. Well, I got most of it. USAA holds back what they call the "recoverable depreciation amount" which is basically the difference between what it would cost for me to replace something I've lost with a used item, and the total cost to replace it with a new product. I can get the recoverable appreciation amount, but I have to submit receipts proving I actually purchased the replacement item. For example: the computer that I'm typing on right … [Read more...]

Wish List

The insurance company has asked me to pull together a list of items stolen from our house, along with the cost to replace them. The easiest way for me to estimate the replacement costs was to create an Amazon wish list, which I have done. If you want to be a voyeur and see approximately what we lost, click on the link below. I say "approximately," because a number of the items listed are newer models (after all, most of what we lost were tech gadgets) — but in all instances save one, the newer i … [Read more...]

Locking the Barn Door After the Horse is Out

Here's a glimpse into the kinds of things that are happening in Carl's and Fran's world...We've issued fraud warnings with the credit bureaus, closed Fran's checking account, and placed warnings on my and Rhiannon's accounts (because the thief got our information due to my doing the taxes with TurboTax, and also helped himself to four books of Fran's checks); We are shopping for a safe. We are shopping for a home security system. We've signed up for .Mac so that we can use its web-based … [Read more...]

Point of entry

Here's how the burglar(s) got into our house: through the window in our bedroom. I know this isn't a great photo, but I took it with my Blackberry, as that's the only camera we have at the moment.The window was shattered, with broken glass all over our bed. The pane you see lying on the bed is our winter frame, which the intruder just pushed through. He cut himself, leaving drops of blood on the windowsill. We had a CSI person in our house yesterday, gathering up the blood and some fingerprint … [Read more...]

Job 2:10

I am posting this from my old iMac that I bought in 2002. It's mighty slow and it crashes a lot, but for now, it's all I've got. While Fran and I were at work today, someone broke into our house. They tried to enter through the bathroom window, but only managed to bust up the screen; then they successfully got through the bedroom window, breaking both the screen and the window pane in the process. They ransacked the bedroom, and alas, found about $150 in cash we had squirreled away; then they … [Read more...]