Maggie Ross’s Response

Here's what Maggie Ross posted on her blog, in response to the questions I posed to her yesterday.First, for those just joining the conversation, here is what I wrote to her: Dear Maggie Ross,First of all, I'm honored even to be mentioned in your blog. I read Pillars of Flame years ago and was impressed by its eloquence, the force of its argument, and its spiritual depth. I still consult both appendices regularly.Now, as to my unlikely appearance in your blog: I'm humbled by your … [Read more...]

Awakening to God’s Love: Exploring the Christian Spirituality of Evelyn Underhill

Mark your calendars: February 19, 2011 is the date for the Evelyn Underhill Centennial Celebration, marking the 100th anniversary of the publication of her ground-breaking book, Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness. The event will take place at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in Atlanta, and will feature keynote speaker Dana Greene, a noted Underhill scholar. I will also be there, and will speak on Underhill's legacy.I can't stress enough how excited I … [Read more...]

The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader

I am honored to announce the forthcoming publication of my twelfth book: The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader: Spiritual Lessons from C. S. Lewis's Narnia.As the title suggests, this book is an exploration of the spiritual themes and "mystical life lessons" as found in C. S. Lewis's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. My book is a meditation on how the lovable and unforgettable characters like Reepicheep the Mouse, Lucy and Edmund Pevensie, King Caspian, the Dufflepuds, the Star's … [Read more...]

A Few Upcoming Events…

A reminder to my friends in Atlanta, GA and Portland, OR: we have some exciting events coming up in October. I'll begin the month with a weekend event devoted to Christian mysticism and contemplative spirituality here in Atlanta, and then carry the party across the country at the end of October. Hope to see you either here or there.To register for the Atlanta weekend, call 770.939.4358 during business hours, Monday-Friday. To register for the Portland weekend, call 503.504.3827 during business … [Read more...]

Books we talked about in Ulster

Here is a partial list of some of the many books we talked about, recommended to one another, read from, or otherwise consulted, during the Spirituality and Peacemaking week in Northern Ireland earlier this month. Some of these books were mentioned in our sessions; others were used to help plan the sessions; others came up in informal conversations between the retreat participants. If you weren't on the retreat, dipping into these books might give you a sense of the breadth of the conversation … [Read more...]

Talking about mysticism on Youtube

Recently I was interviewed by Peter Wallace, who is the host of the Day1 radio show and website. The interview was filmed and has now been published on Youtube. Here are the videos (it has been separated into three parts): … [Read more...]

The Big Book in the Book Clubs

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism has been picked up by two different book clubs. This is actually a rather interesting sign of how this book can speak to different audiences.It is my understanding that the first book club to include The Big Book of Christian Mysticism in its catalog was the One Spirit Book Club, which could be described as the "New Age" (or "Mind/Body/Spirit") book club. This is not terribly surprising, as I have had books in their catalog before (and, indeed, the last of … [Read more...]