Northern Ireland and you

Just a reminder, my friends: if you are interested in participating in the Celtic Spirituality and Radical Activism Retreat in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland, we need to know today. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest, and we'll be in touch.The tentative itinerary for the trip can be found here. This will not be a "tourism" experience, but rather a true retreat: we'll be preparing meals together, spending our mornings engaged in spiritual exercises such as lectio divina, centering … [Read more...]

Proposed Class on Christian Mysticism

The good folks at the Emory Center for Lifelong Learning have given me the green light to prepare a proposal for a class on Christian mysticism. I've taught an "Introduction to World Mysticism" class there for the past four years, and it shows no signs of easing its popularity, so now it's time to see if a class that focusses on the Christian tradition would likewise appeal to the continuing education community.My proposal is due on the program manager's desk on Monday. Here is what I've come … [Read more...]

What do Brian McLaren and Carolyn Myss have in common?

What do Brian McLaren and Carolyn Myss have in common? And, for that matter, Phyllis Tickle, Cynthia Bourgeault, and Richard Rohr? They have all endorsed The Big Book of Christian Mysticism.Over the last few weeks, while I've been proofreading the manuscript, the publisher and I have sent it out to a number of authors, college professors, and clergypersons, for feedback and potential endorsements. Now, to God be the glory in all of this: to date we have received the following responses, all of … [Read more...]

Separated at Birth?

People at work have been teasing me that John Michael Talbot is my long lost brother.What do you think?I personally don't see much resemblance. Sure, we're both jaw-droppingly handsome, but his beard is much more epic than mine could ever hope to be... … [Read more...]

What’s Up…

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming of this blog to bring you a few notes about what's up in the life of your humble blogger.I'm currently reviewing and responding to the copy-edits of The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. This process will continue until February 10, when the manuscript is due back on my editor's desk. From there the book will go to the designers, who will do the layout; copies will be mailed out to potential endorsers and early reviewers. I'll review the book one … [Read more...]

Anyone care to Twine?

Yesterday Br. Michael at the Monastery suggested that I join Twine, which he described as "Facebook for smart people." If you're not familiar with Twine, it combines social networking with an easy tool for sharing content thematically. So I've joined, and promptly set up a Twine for Christian Mysticism.If you're a member of Twine, let's connect. If not, then you might enjoy it, so give it a look:Take the Twine Tour: user profile: … [Read more...]

The Big Book of Christian Mysticism — available for pre-order!

I'm thrilled to announce that my forthcoming book, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism: The Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality, is now available for pre-order from book won't be published until August 2010 — but why wait? Place your pre-order now by clicking here.And while I cannot say for sure that this is the final cover design — publishers will often change a book's cover, sometimes at the last minute — I can say that I hope this is what the cover will look like … [Read more...]