Why do Catholics become Protestant?

National Catholic Reporter has just posted a fascinating article looking at research by the Pew Research Center on why people leave the Catholic Church. This particular article focuses on those who leave Catholicism to enter a mainline Protestant or Evangelical Church. The research suggests that the common reasons believed by those who are ideologically liberal — or conservative — are not all that important. What is important? A sense of being spiritually nurtured.Read the article: The Hidden E … [Read more...]

On the Vatican’s Visitation of American Nuns

Early this year the Vatican launched a three-year, anonymously financed "visitation" of American women religious (i.e, nuns). This visitation apparently has two dimensions: first, an effort to assess the quality of life of the sisters, which apparently extends to exploring why there has been a drop in the number of women entering religious life. But there is also an investigation being conducted of the leadership conference that represents the vast majority of American nuns — addressing concerns … [Read more...]