Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas, from our house to yours.Here's a picture of our tree. But even more important, here's a Christmas story to read — and pass on.  … [Read more...]

If Jesus were born today…

What would the nativity look like if it happened now — in today's socially networked world? … [Read more...]

The Road Goes Ever On and On

"The Road Goes Ever On and On," or so sings Bilbo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings.Merry Christmas, everyone. Advent is over. And as is typical for someone working in retail — even monastic retail (!) — for me it was a blur. It was a time of stolen moments of rest and reflection, rather than a truly immersed season of waiting. I leave Advent 2009 behind, still waiting, still waiting for the day, most likely after I retire, when the demands of my work will not compete with the call of the lit … [Read more...]

My Kindle Wish List

I've asked Santa to bring me a Kindle for Christmas. I'm not sure if he will, but it never hurts to ask, right?One of the reasons why I want a Kindle is because there is a growing selection of — you guessed it — mystical and contemplative works available electronically. And so here is a list of some of those books. If you have more luck with Santa than I do, then I hope you'll refer to this list when choosing books for your Kindle.Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, Catholic Edi … [Read more...]

Christmas Every Day, Easter Every Day

When I was a teenager I used to attend the Fisherman's House charismatic prayer and praise meeting in Hampton, VA. This was a non-denominational, neo-pentecostal Christian youth group, evangelical in its theology. On the meeting just before Christmas, the leader of the group commented that "we don't particularly observe Christmas, because any day can be the day when Christ is born in someone's heart."That observation has always stuck with me. And even though I love the liturgical year and am … [Read more...]

An Experiment as We Approach the Holidays

Okay, shoppers! Only 67 shopping days until Christmas!I admit, I'm as caught in the net of consumerism as much as anyone else. Christmas (or, if your faith prefers, the solstice or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) is a time for gift giving. But even though George W. Bush might think it is our patriotic duty in tough times to buy an HDTV or an American-made car, I'd like to spend the next 9 weeks promoting a different kind of gift: books.I love reviewing books, and I've posted a number of reviews on this … [Read more...]

Happy Christmas

It's almost time for bed, but I wanted to post a couple of photos to the blog and write about our happy Christmas. Fran and Rhiannon and I are in Hampton, Virginia, visiting my father.We exchanged gifts; as usual, my loot consisted mostly of media, from The Origin of Fire by Anonymous 4, to Quantum Theology by Diarmuid O'Murchu, to — lest anything think I'm all work and no play — Ratatouille. After the presents were all unwrapped, Fran got out her guitar (an "early" gift from my sister-in-law … [Read more...]