Inception and Contemplation

By now I suppose everyone who wants to see Inception will have done so. But if you want to see it, and haven't yet, don't read any further, as this post does contain spoilers. … [Read more...]

A Dream in Light and Dark

Last night I dreamt the following dream. I woke up just before three AM, and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it. The dream began in a large, bustling, beautiful church, radiant with soft light and featuring marble flooring, pillars, and walls. I wasn’t in the sanctuary, but in a commons area. It was Holy Saturday and everyone was making preparations for the festivities of the following day. It must have been a version of First Christian Church of Atlanta, for Kris and Rick were the pastors. I … [Read more...]

15 Marks of a Faith Community

Yesterday while driving to work I began to think about what kinds of qualities would really make a Christian faith community exciting. This should be replicable at all sizes or types of community: from the small Julian Meeting I participate in (which often only has four people show up) all the way up to a megachurch. I don't know if the community exists that has all 15 of these marks: but if it did, I'd want to be involved.Granted, the Catholic magisterium is not about to start listening to my … [Read more...]