Please pray for Atlanta

The city of Atlanta was devastated by a tornado last night. The damage is amazing; this morning downtown looks like a war zone. Click here for more about it.Fran and Rhiannon and I are safe (we live in the Clarkston/Stone Mountain area, about 10 miles from downtown).Please keep our city in your prayers. We haven't seen destruction like this since since the great fires of 1917 and 1864 (courtesy of a fellow named Sherman). … [Read more...]

The Vatican in the news

Mike Morrell has his ear to the ground (or, at least, his eyes on his keywords) and has brought to my attention several interesting news tidbits concerning the Vatican this week.First, we learn that Benedict XVI is interested in issuing a conciliatory statement about Martin Luther — while I wouldn't go so far as to believe the pope intends to "rehabilitate" the man who unleashed the Reformation, I do think this is a hopeful sign for future ecumenical dialogue. I suppose it took having a German … [Read more...]

America’s Unfaithful Faithful

A recent study by the Pew Forum documents the growing "spiritual mobility" of Americans: more and more Americans are abandoning the religious affiliation of their upbringing and taking on a new religious or spiritual identity (or non-identity). Read an article about this study here.My friend who alerted me to this fascinating study notes, "What it says to me is that people are seeking something behind church doors that they aren't finding." I'd agree with that, but I also think it speaks to … [Read more...]

The Choking Game

Here's a sobering news article: The "Choking Game" has killed at least 82 children.You can read more about the Choking Game (also called the Fainting Game and numerous other names) at Wikipedia's entry for the "Fainting Game." Basically, it's a daredevil game that adolescents and even younger children play in which they submit to choking or strangulation just long enough to get a "dreamy feeling." Obviously, this is a terribly inexact science and so dozens of youths have lost their lives … [Read more...]

A Druid’s Final Resting Place?

My dear friend Judith alerted me to this fascinating news article:Possible Grave of a Druid found in the United KingdomMy only quibble with this article is its calling this archaeological find the "first" such evidence of a druid burial. I think the case can be (and has been) made that the Lindow Man bog body, unearthed in the 1980s, is that of a druid as well. … [Read more...]

Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love

An interesting column that appeared a few days ago in the New  York Times:Evangelicals a Liberal Can LoveThe author, Nicholas Kristof, has done a wonderful job not only at looking at how the evangelical world is re-defining itself in our day, but also at acknowledging how liberals have been sometimes a bit unfair in their (okay, our) wholesale dismissal of the evangelical community. As Kristof puts is, "robust criticism is fair, scorn is not."Theologically, I'm about as much of an … [Read more...]

The “Rebate” Check, cont’d

Beth Patterson of Virtual Tea House has created an online poll based on my post about The "Rebate" Check.Click here to vote in the poll through May 11, 2008. … [Read more...]