Quote for the Day

Moses’ vision of God began with light (Exod. 19.18); afterwards God spoke to him in a cloud (Exod. 20.21). But when Moses rose higher and became more perfect, he saw God in the darkness (Exod. 24.15-18). — Gregory of Nyssa, Commentary on the Song of Songs, quoted in An Anthology of Christian Mysticism edited by Harvey D. Egan. … [Read more...]

The ENDS of Prayer

Recently a monk shared this with me. His is a markedly apophatic approach to spirituality, so this may not speak to everyone. But for the monk and I suppose anyone else who shares his approach to prayer, this little mnemonic is a tool to assist in remembering the contours of deep contemplation.It involves remembering the "ENDS" of prayer, in this way: Emptiness Nothingness Darkness Silence Of course, entering into the emptiness, nothingness, darkness and silence of contemplation is not to … [Read more...]

Dark Epiphany

Happy Feast of the Epiphany.Epiphany comes from a Greek word meaning appearance or manifestation. In the western churches, the manifestation of Jesus as the Son of God is linked to the visit of the astrologers from the east (the "three wise men" of popular Christmas folklore). Eastern churches, however, see the Epiphany, or Theophany ("appearance of God") as associated more specifically with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, when a voice from heaven announced "This is my Son, the … [Read more...]