Contemplative Apps

Okay all you iPhone lovers out there — I've been meaning to do this for a while: list the four apps that I find the most useful for my spiritual practice. I hope you find them useful as well.If there is one app that I think is the most essential, it would have to be Zen Timer by Spotlight Six. This handy little tool will liberate you from ever having to worry about how much time you have to pray. Easy to use, the app features a variety of sounds from bells and gongs such as those you will find … [Read more...]

Memorizing the Office (or, at least, parts of it)

I recently listened to a recording I have of the Anglican theologian Kenneth Leech, when he spoke at an Episcopal Church here in Stone Mountain back in the mid-1990s. Leech is a true treasure, and I'm excited to note that a new anthology of his writings have been published: Prayer and Prophecy, the Essential Kenneth Leech (after I get my hands on a copy, I'll write a review of it). Anyway, when he spoke here in 1995, he made a comment that, listening to the recording now, I find inspiring, in … [Read more...]

In Constant Prayer

In Constant Prayer (The Ancient Practices Series) By Robert Benson Foreword by Phyllis Tickle Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008 Review by Carl McColmanThomas Nelson's "Ancient Practices Series" brings together some of the most vibrant and interesting of contemporary Christian authors (like Brian McLaren and Scot McKnight) to explore some of the venerable ways in which early Christians expressed their faith — not as some sort of museum piece, but to commend these ancient practices to the lovers of … [Read more...]