The Jewel and the Setting

In response to my post yesterday of Annemarie S. Kidder writing on the relationship between postmodernity and the rediscovery of mysticism, one commenter writes: Her insights resonate with me, both in words and practice. What I wonder though, is what kind of church this individual movement will form. How will the creeds be written or will creeds be simply experienced in similar ways? How will be able to share with the youth from our own inward experiences? I understand where we are, but I feel … [Read more...]

A Fortress or a Beacon?

Is Christianity a fortress or a beacon?In other words, is the primary function of Christianity to defend the good guys from the bad guys, or is its primary function to shine a light that will illuminate everyone, the good and the bad alike?It's a good question. But maybe this question poses a false dichotomy. We could just as easily say that Christianity is meant to be both "a mighty fortress" and the "light of the world." I agree, let's not get dualistic here. Nevertheless, where should we … [Read more...]

Dogma, Dogmatically

My post yesterday on America's Unfaithful Faithful elicited some very interesting comments. Consider these snippets: Religion and Politics have one thing in common. They both make things more confusing. Religion is a passing phase in the story of mankind on earth. There is no Truth in it at all, so you may as well not bother looking. The only truth ever is within you, and you know it when you hear it. Sigh.When I wrote my first book (which came in 1997), one of the bad habits that my editor … [Read more...]