Concerning Myth and Miracles

One of the fun things about blogging is the fact that I'm always getting in trouble, one way or the other.Here's my latest infraction — on Thursday when I wrote about the Annunciation, I dared to say "Whether the Annunciation be a miracle or a myth, it’s a powerful story that is well worth our consideration." This was too much for a reader named Andy who commented: I’ve been following your blog with interest for a few weeks now, but I suppose I finally see I’m just in the wrong place when you f … [Read more...]

The Courage to Write

The writing retreat has exceeded my expectations. I hope that the retreatants feel the same way. Yesterday morning we had a panel discussion with four monks and three Lay-Cistercians on the relationship between writing and spirituality. What emerged was how wide a terrain this topic covers. One of the monks is a blogger who does not divulge that he's a monk on the blog; one of the laywomen a diarist who never lets anyone read what she's written (and rarely goes back to read it herself). Two of … [Read more...]