Zealous Love

Zealous Love: A Practical Guide to Social Justice Edited by Mike and Danae Yankoski Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2009 Review by Carl McColmanHuman trafficking. Refugees. Hunger. Unclean water. Education. Poverty. HIV/AIDS. The environment. The areas in life where injustice or social inequality threaten both individual lives and the common good are, alas, all too numerous. The Christian life mandates that we care for those in need (Matthew 25:31-45; Luke 10:25-37). But it is far too easy to … [Read more...]


I am not a particularly patient person. My house is full of books that I may never get around to reading, but I keep buying new ones, because I'm just a wee bit compulsive about having new books and also because I'm not patient enough to let a book stay at the bookstore (or at Amazon.com) until I need it. Meditation is also a daily struggle with my own impatience at the intransigence of my monkey mind. Wait for a slow unfolding of my deep relaxed self? Well, that would be okay, except for the … [Read more...]

Mysticism in San Antonio

I've just now learned about a program that looks really wonderful: A consortium of organizations in San Antonio, TX, including the local chapter of Contemplative Outreach, the Oblate School of Theology, and a local Ecumenical Center, have joined forces to sponsor a three year program called Christian Mysticism: History, Wisdom and Insights. The program consists of a monthly series of Saturday morning sessions that include a presentation on a major mystic or school of mysticism from throughout … [Read more...]