The Unformed Future

National Catholic Reporter has published a wonderful article about the recent "Emerging Church" conference in Albuquerque, hosted by Richard Rohr and featuring Shane Claiborne, Cynthia Bourgeault, and others. Read about it here:The Unformed Future … [Read more...]

Authority and its Discontents

Early this morning my friend Gary left me this morsel of food for thought: God has been making, since the first word of creation, all things new, so perhaps what is never new under the sun is human behavior, driven by sin, and yet redeemable. That behavior as you commented on the previous blog response to me and reiterated above, is often at its core authority challenge. The emergent church can be an example of how each generation challenges parental/previous generational authority just for the … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church: Day 3

Well, the first Emerging Church Conference sponsored by the Center for Action and Contemplation is over. And if you weren't there (or logged in to the webcast), there will probably be another one next April. And in the meantime, DVDs and CDs of this year's event will be made available soon. … [Read more...]

The Emerging Church: Day 2

I know realize just what the logic was in putting together the Emerging Church Conference Schedule. Day 1, featuring Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren and Richard Rohr, was the "Contemplation" day. Today, featuring Alexie Torres-Fleming and Shane Claiborne, complements yesterday by focusing more on "Action." I felt a little underwhelmed by yesterday's programming, mainly because I  had done my homework and was quite familiar with what all the presenters had to say. Today, however, I got a clear … [Read more...]

Richard Rohr on the Emerging Church

Here's a video teaser in which Spencer Burke (off camera) chats with Richard Rohr about some of ideas underpinning the upcoming The Emerging Church conference in March, which is basically a "gathering of the tribes" — Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Evangelical — for a weekend of visioning and community-building.I must confess to sharing the sense, that Rohr speaks of in this video clip, of sometimes feeling more at home with non-Catholics who are engaged in the emergent conversation, than wi … [Read more...]

See you in Albuquerque?

Fran and I just registered for the Center for Action & Contemplation's The Emerging Church conference, which will take place in Albuquerque, NM on March 20-22, 2009, and will feature the likes of Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, Shane Claiborne, and other cool folks.We are very excited.Would love to see some Website of Unknowing readers at the conference — so if you're going, let me know. … [Read more...]

Emerging Church Reading List

If you'd like a few pointers on books to read about the emerging church/emergent/emerging conversation (this theologial trend has multiple buzzwords, all of which have a slightly different meaning but in general refer to how Christianity is encountering Postmodernity), visit this blogpost on the Emerging Church: Top 5 Books for American Reporters. Actually more than five books are listed, and links are provided to several other interesting book lists. I agree with Becky Garrison (who forwarded … [Read more...]