Why Should Evangelicals Read the Mystics?

My co-worker and fellow Lay-Cistercian Jacquie alerted me to the following essay (and blogger's commentary thereof):Why Should Thoughtful Evangelicals Read the Medieval Mystics?Christian History Blog: Prominent Reformed Evangelical Promotes Medieval MysticsSince I'm not an evangelical (in the sectarian sense of the word), I'll refrain from commenting on these essays, other than to note that I since I don't share the perspective from which these writers come from, naturally I don't share … [Read more...]

Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love

An interesting column that appeared a few days ago in the New  York Times:Evangelicals a Liberal Can LoveThe author, Nicholas Kristof, has done a wonderful job not only at looking at how the evangelical world is re-defining itself in our day, but also at acknowledging how liberals have been sometimes a bit unfair in their (okay, our) wholesale dismissal of the evangelical community. As Kristof puts is, "robust criticism is fair, scorn is not."Theologically, I'm about as much of an … [Read more...]