Social Media… and Silence


Hi. My name is Carl and I'm a Facebook addict.("Hi, Carl!")This past weekend, against my better judgment, I got into an unpleasant debate in a Facebook group with a young person whom I do not know. No need to go into details here — let's just say that by the end, nobody was edified. Much of my weekend got swallowed up in a back-and-forth conversation that generated much more heat than light. I'm embarrassed that I allowed myself to get so thoroughly triggered, and that I kept going back f … [Read more...]

Is Facebook Evil?

Still pondering the many wonderful comments to appear on this blog over the past two days, mostly in response to my post Of Death, Dementia, and Dear Old Friends. In that post I talk about using Facebook to (re)connect with old acquaintances and friends. Predictably, comments seemed to be about evenly divided between those who agreed with me about Facebook's usefulness, and those who decried it as an ersatz form of relating. One comment in particular really caught my eye: i used to look at … [Read more...]

Of Death, Dementia, and Dear Old Friends

I learned yesterday that an old friend of mine — someone I haven't seen since the late 1980s, and haven't even spoken with since 1997 — is alive but in advanced dementia. I had lost touch with her, and someone had told me, erroneously, a few years back that she had died. I'm happy to learn that my friend lives, even if under the cruel sentence of the loss of memory and reason. I'm going to write her a letter and basically introduce myself to her and say that her friendship meant a lot to me. Eve … [Read more...]

What’s Happening in Facebook

Just a quick note for anyone who reads this blog and is also on Facebook. If you haven't already done so, I invite you to "like" or "join" (Facebook language is so awkward) the following pages:Carl McColman The Big Book of Christian Mysticism Celtic Spirituality, Contemplation and PeacemakingThe first two pages are self-explanatory enough. The third one is a page set after after the recent retreat in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland. Several of the retreatants have joined that page, but it's … [Read more...]


My dear friend Darrell Grizzle has created a Facebook page devoted to The Big Book of Christian Mysticism. I am flattered. Darrell was one of the book's advance readers, and offered some insightful criticism that I took to heart (and that has hopefully made it a better book). So, if anyone would like to go on the record as "liking" the book, just click here: The Big Book of Christian Mysticism on Facebook.Of course, you may wish to wait until you've actually read it before deciding you "like" … [Read more...]

The troll and the coward

Somebody called me a coward yesterday.It was a guy who had become a Facebook friend of mine. We'll just call him "M." I didn't know him, but we had a few mutual friends and so when M. requested that we be friends, I accepted.We didn't have any interaction until yesterday, when I posted the following status update on my Facebook page: Matthew 25:31-46: the Christian mandate for social justice. I'll freely admit: this was a response to Glenn Beck's telling his listeners that they should avoid … [Read more...]

Four Dimensions of Spirituality and Embracing the Mind of Christ

On my writer's page at Facebook, my bio used to read like this: Carl McColman is the author of 10 books on the spiritual life. Most of his works published before 2005 concern Pagan and Celtic spirituality. In 2005 he became a Catholic, and is now writing a book on Christian mysticism to be published in late 2010. As of this morning, I have re-written it thusly: Carl McColman blogs about Celtic, emergent, mystical, & contemplative spirituality at the Website of Unknowing ( … [Read more...]