At the Botanical Gardens

Pretty much every Sunday Fran, Rhiannon and I drive to Athens, GA, where my father lives. We take him out to lunch and sometimes do other fun stuff — like today, we visited the Georgia Botanical Gardens, to enjoy the fall foliage, which is just now peaking down here in the south.Here's a snapshot I took of Dad, Fran, and Rhiannon...... while Fran took this photo of me, in one of my more "mystical" moments. … [Read more...]

Father’s/Birth Day

Today is my dad's 85th birthday. When a man is born in the middle of June, he gets to celebrate father's day and his birthday simultaneously every so often. For dad, this year was one of those years.Fran and Rhiannon and I drove out to Athens to spend the day with Dad; we took him out to eat to his favorite Chinese restaurant and drove around Athens, throwing gas-is-expensive caution to the wind and enjoying a good old fashioned Sunday drive. Then we went back to his home for his favorite … [Read more...]

Job 2:10

I am posting this from my old iMac that I bought in 2002. It's mighty slow and it crashes a lot, but for now, it's all I've got. While Fran and I were at work today, someone broke into our house. They tried to enter through the bathroom window, but only managed to bust up the screen; then they successfully got through the bedroom window, breaking both the screen and the window pane in the process. They ransacked the bedroom, and alas, found about $150 in cash we had squirreled away; then they … [Read more...]

Fran’s Birthday and DeSoto Falls

Yesterday was Fran's birthday, and she wanted to spend part of it in the North Georgia mountains. So I took the day off from work and we drove up to White County where there are several majestic waterfalls. We both had cameras with us: she had her fancy Nikon D40X, while I had my more humble Kodak 6490. But even the Kodak can take some nice photos for the web.The Creek at DeSoto Falls, White County, GeorgiaUpper DeSoto Falls, White County, Georgia After Rhiannon finished her day program, she … [Read more...]

Contemplation and Celibacy

A comment thread on my post about the World Clock has me thinking about the relationship between contemplation, celibacy, and child-rearing. … [Read more...]

My Holy Week

Early this afternoon I'll be boarding a flight to Newport News, Virginia, where I will be assisting my father tomorrow as he moves to Athens, Georgia, to be closer to me and my oldest brother. We tried to get dad to move down here last year, when my brother and his wife moved down, but dad balked at living with family. Now we've arrangements for him to go into an assisted living facility, and he's looking forward to the move (so are we). The only fly in the ointment is that I'll miss the Atlanta … [Read more...]

Personal Update…

Lots of fun stuff happening in Carl-world...The outline/table of contents of the big mysticism book is mostly complete. I meet again with the world's coolest spiritual director, Fr. Tom Francis OCSO, on Friday to go over the details. This is important because once the skeleton is done I can start hanging the meat on the bones. I probably have some 30,000 words written on the book — not to mention material from this blog that will eventually find its way into the book — but I have to have a wo … [Read more...]