Of Death, Dementia, and Dear Old Friends

I learned yesterday that an old friend of mine — someone I haven't seen since the late 1980s, and haven't even spoken with since 1997 — is alive but in advanced dementia. I had lost touch with her, and someone had told me, erroneously, a few years back that she had died. I'm happy to learn that my friend lives, even if under the cruel sentence of the loss of memory and reason. I'm going to write her a letter and basically introduce myself to her and say that her friendship meant a lot to me. Eve … [Read more...]

New (and not so new) books from friends

One of the sweet things about being an author and a blogger is that I'm always learning about wonderful new (and just "new to me") books, often from friends of mine, either folks I know in person or acquaintances that I have found through Facebook. So this morning I thought I'd highlight a few of these books, books which I think readers of this blog will enjoy. Actually, I myself have not yet read any of these books (!), but I have at least looked at them all, and they all look pretty juicy. … [Read more...]

The Ex-Philes

On the last day of 2008 I had a dream about an ex-girlfriend. This was someone I dated for about a year, some 20 years ago. It was an intense, passionate relationship and we were even briefly engaged. The romance fizzled after I took a new job and relocated out of town. In my dream, I ran into the woman, and profusely apologized for all the mistakes I had made in the relationship. The dream was so vivid and moved me so much that I looked her up on Facebook, and found her, and sent her a … [Read more...]