Live, Laugh, Love

I have been asked to lead a retreat at the Guesthouse of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in September. The person who originally was in charge of the retreat is unable to lead it, and so I have inherited it. It is called "Live, Laugh, Love" and it sounds like it will be tremendous fun. Here is the write-up for the retreat, as it appears on the Monastery's Website:Live, Laugh, Love September 13-16, 2010 The Live, Laugh, Love Retreat is a Celebration — celebrating our relationship with God. It i … [Read more...]

15 Marks of a Faith Community

Yesterday while driving to work I began to think about what kinds of qualities would really make a Christian faith community exciting. This should be replicable at all sizes or types of community: from the small Julian Meeting I participate in (which often only has four people show up) all the way up to a megachurch. I don't know if the community exists that has all 15 of these marks: but if it did, I'd want to be involved.Granted, the Catholic magisterium is not about to start listening to my … [Read more...]