Harvesting Timber the Old Fashioned Way

Recently, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit hired a natural forest management service to clear out trees that had been felled by a tornado on the monastery land — land that has been set aside for a green cemetary. True to the community's commitment to manage the land in as sustainable a way as possible, they brought in a team that uses Suffolk workhorses to remove the timber, thereby minimizing the collateral damage to the forest. A local news station ran a segment on this, and here's a link to t … [Read more...]

Green Burial Interview

The "Forecast Earth" program on the Weather Channel recently aired a segment on green burials; they interviewed Billy and Kimberley Campbell of Memorial Ecosystems, who are managing the Honey Creek Woodlands green cemetery at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.Follow this link to watch the "Forecast Earth" interview Follow this link to learn more about Honey Creek WoodlandsAlthough Honey Creek Woodlands is on land owned by the monastery, it is an ecumenical burial site where people of any … [Read more...]

Green Cemetary in Business Week

Business Week has just published an article about Honey Creek Woodlands, the green cemetary that is opening at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA. Follow this link to read it. Green cemetaries are designed to be ecologically sustainable and include not only environmentally responsible funeral practices, but also manage the land so that only indigenous plants, trees, etc. are cultivated. It's a great concept: a way to have a low-impact funeral and to help preserve a place of natural … [Read more...]