More on the Proposed Contemplative Practice Group

Phil Foster and I met last night to talk about our proposal for a Contemplative Practice group. Here's what we're looking at doing:Reading and reflection on Sacred Scripture. We think we'll begin with the Gospel of John, and use N.T. Wright's John for Everyone commentary. The purpose is not to do "Bible Study" in the traditional Protestant sense, but rather a group practice of lectio divina with particular attention to the way in which the text supports contemplative practice in our … [Read more...]

Prospectus for a Small Contemplative Community

When I was a young man, I took a class at the Shalem Institute on leading contemplative prayer groups. I've had several opportunities to lead groups devoted to meditation and/or contemplative prayer over the years, and I've always enjoyed participating in that kind of a communal setting. The other evening I had a conversation with my friend Phil who is the associate minister for spiritual development at a Protestant church near me. As part of his ministry there, he leads a wonderful group that … [Read more...]