The Spirituality of the Budget Crisis

David Brooks over at the New York Times wrote an interesting opinion piece on the current budget crisis and how it relates to our fear of death and our faith in science and medical technology to delay death. Here's a few provocative snippets: This fiscal crisis is about many things, but one of them is our inability to face death — our willingness to spend our nation into bankruptcy to extend life for a few more sickly months. ... As Daniel Callahan and Sherwin B. Nuland point out in an essay in T … [Read more...]

Update on Rhiannon

Here are excerpts from an email my wife sent out to family and friends this morning. I know a number of folks who read this blog have been praying for my stepdaughter, Rhiannon; so this will bring you up to date on what's happening in her life. I am sending out this email to many of our loved ones to ask for your prayers for Rhiannon. She came down with a fever (+102) and chills on Tuesday evening. We saw the doctor on Wednesday morning. After doing lab work we discovered that her blood counts … [Read more...]

Consume Less, Enjoy More

For as long as I can remember, I've had issues with digestion. It's a family thing: my dad complained about indigestion, and apparently had an ulcer (no one talks about ulcers any more. Did they go out of fashion when acid reflux kicked in?). Speaking of acid reflux, I finally took my indigestion to the doctor, started taking a proton-pump inhibitor, and had an endoscopy when I discovered that I had a condition called Short Barrett's Esophagus. The "short" means it only was at the bottom of my … [Read more...]