Quote for the Day

I have found heaven on earth, since heaven is God, and God is in my soul. — Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity … [Read more...]

Holy Eros, or, “Only God can sleep with everyone”…

Other folks in the Christian blogosphere are worked up over a Michigan Assembly of God pastor's decision to post a lengthy quote on his blog from Ronald Rolheiser, a Catholic theologian who ponders the erotic dimension of life in Christ (not in a salacious or profligate manner, but certainly in an honest and candid way). One of these days, I hope that the average Christian will stop being afraid of the power of our God-given sexuality. I suppose it should not surprise me that this day has not … [Read more...]

The Gospel of John (Lennon)

Yesterday John Lennon's Imagine popped into my life twice. Twice in one day...While driving home from mass, suddenly I was singing it. Which was a little odd, since I don't typically sing John Lennon songs, and I don't recall having heard it lately. But there it was, rolling off my tongue: "No hell below us... above us only sky..." I thought about how bizarre it was when about five or six years ago or so I attended a funeral at a Presbyterian Church of a former boss of mine, and a soloist … [Read more...]