Concerning Sheep, Goats, and the Unconditional Love of God

I received this email today. Thought it might be worth exploring here on the blog.Hi Carl.Just listened to your two interviews and was blessed ... You said in your interview that you didn't like the, what I would call, the "us and them" attitude in evangelical circles like "I'm saved and you're not." And though I agree that we should not look down on others and be proud for we can't claim any credit for being a follower of Christ, yet does not the Bible make a distinction between the "sheep … [Read more...]

The Gospel of John (Lennon)

Yesterday John Lennon's Imagine popped into my life twice. Twice in one day...While driving home from mass, suddenly I was singing it. Which was a little odd, since I don't typically sing John Lennon songs, and I don't recall having heard it lately. But there it was, rolling off my tongue: "No hell below us... above us only sky..." I thought about how bizarre it was when about five or six years ago or so I attended a funeral at a Presbyterian Church of a former boss of mine, and a soloist … [Read more...]

Lucifer’s Pawn?

Yesterday at the Lay-Cistercians gathering a friend of mine gave me a flyer for an event coming up in a couple of weeks featuring Moira Noonan, who wrote a book called Ransomed from Darkness: The New Age, Christian Faith, and the Battle for Souls. I'm familiar with the book: a woman who had been praying for my soul ever since my Pagan days sent it to me when she learned that I had become a Catholic. Here's what the flyer says about Noonan: Raised as a Catholic, author Moira Noonan began … [Read more...]

Resistible Grace

Many of my readers might be surprised to learn that I believe in the doctrine of hell.Universalism is very appealing, and given my experiential and intuitive sense of divine love, as well as the splendid description of the same by Julian of Norwich, I simply cannot understand the notion that God is in the business of damning souls. I think the notion of damnation, of divine wrath meted out to the impenitent, is mostly a caricature of our very human thirst for revenge and punishment projected … [Read more...]