The Selfless Way of Christ

One way of defining the spiritual life is to see it as a life in which we keep making connections between God's story and our own.— Henri Nouwen, The Selfless Way of Christ:Downward Mobility and the Spiritual LifeIn 1981, Henri Nouwen wrote a series of articles for Sojourners magazine, which were published in book form in 2007 as The Selfless Way of Christ, now newly available in a small paperback edition. Illustrated with a collection of drawings by Vincent Van Gogh, it is an attractive bo … [Read more...]

Fran and Rhiannon at the L’Arche Fundraiser

Here are some pictures of Fran and Rhiannon performing at the fundraiser for L'Arche Atlanta, sponsored by the Friends of L'Arche Atlanta. This lovely evening event was billed as "A Night of Nouwen," as several speakers, including the Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta, spoke about their appreciation for the life and writings of Henri Nouwen (who was deeply involved in, and supportive of, the L'Arche movement). Fran and Rhiannon performed two songs: Sara Groves's "He's Always Been Faithful" and Libby … [Read more...]

Celebrate Henri Nouwen with Friends of L’Arche Atlanta!

You are invited to Friends of L'Arche Atlanta'sA Night on Nouwen Friday, October 15th 6-9 p.m. The Atrium at the Frazer Center 1815 Ponce de Leon Ave N.E. Atlanta, GA 30307 Come celebrate Friends of L'Arche Atlanta with an evening of music, wine, appetizers and appreciation of Henri Nouwen.Special guest speakers include: The Right Reverend J. Neil Alexander, 9th Bishop of Atlanta (Episcopal Church), and Tim Moore, former L’Arche assistant and student at Emory’s Candler School of The … [Read more...]

L’Arche Atlanta

Fran and Rhiannon and I attended a gathering of the Friends of L'Arche Atlanta on Saturday evening. We've been meaning to get to a L'Arche meeting for some time now, but there always seemed to be one conflict or another. Now that we've finally made it, we are going to be more intentional about making L'Arche a priority in our lives.If you're not familiar with L'Arche, it's worth getting to know. Founded by Jean Vanier and immortalized by Henri Nouwen in his book The Road to Daybreak, L'Arche … [Read more...]

Advice for a Beginner

A reader posted these questions to my blog this morning: As a novice to Contemplative Prayer I guess I should take the introduction pace . Any suggestions ? Also, Carl, do you consider Henri Nouwen a mystic? I'll answer your second question first. I certainly have the sense of Henri Nouwen as a contemplative, based on what I know of him and his work. As you may have surmised if you've poked around this blog very much, though, I tend to be reticent about applying the word "mystic" to people … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

Mysticism and revolution are two aspects of the same attempt to bring about radical change. No mystics can prevent themselves from becoming social critics, since in self-reflection they will discover the roots of a sick society. Similarly, no revolutionaries can avoid facing their own human condition, since in the midst of their struggle for a new world they will find that they are also fighting their own reactionary fears and false ambitions... The appearance of Jesus in our midst has made it … [Read more...]