Foolish Mysteries

I think there is some serendipity in Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday, for those not of English extraction) falling on April Fool's Day. Actually, the Maronites and the Syriac Orthodox call the day before Good Friday the "Thursday of Mysteries" which is my favorite name yet for this pinnacle of the Eucharistic life.In his first letter to the church at Corinth, St. Paul proudly proclaimed that we are "fools for Christ's sake" (I Corinthians 4:10); earlier in that same epistle he notes that … [Read more...]

First Communion on the Moon

In honor of the fortieth anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first human beings to set foot on the moon, my friend and fellow blogger Bosco Peters has posted a wonderful article about a little known fact: that the first food consumed on the surface of the moon was the Body and Blo0d of Christ. Click here to read the article. … [Read more...]

In the Eucharist there is neither male nor female…

One Sunday back around 1990 or so, I attended the Eucharist at an Episcopal convent. The nuns typically invited everyone present to stay afterward for biscuits and conversation. On this particular day the conversation revolved around a local woman who had brought her small son to the Eucharist. The celebrant (one of the nuns who was also an Episcopal priest) knew the woman and the child well enough to know that he had never been baptised. When it came time to distribute the hosts and the … [Read more...]


To all my USA readers, happy thanksgiving!Thanksgiving reminds me of an old Irish festival called Lughnasa. Lughnasa (literally, "the assembly of Lugh") was a month-long harvest festival that took place at the time of the grain harvest (probably late July or early August); it was marked not only by feasting, but also by sporting events and much pageantry. Here in America, we've moved our harvest festival to the end of the season (late November), but thanks to the mass media, in addition to our … [Read more...]