Quote for the Day

We can never exhaust the mystery of the divine Trinity, but we can continually refresh ourselves in contemplation of it. — Grace M. Jantzen, Julian of Norwich: Mystic and Theologian … [Read more...]

Philosophy and the Trinity: From Thinking about Oneness to Experiencing God’s Love

In her introductory book on Neoplatonism, Pauliina Remes makes the following observation about the Neoplatonic conception of "the One," the philosophical principle explaining the origin, unity, and ultimate end of all things: The role of the One in metaphysics becomes threefold. We have seen that the One is an efficient cause of everything there is in the universe. It was also established that it is the ultimate explanation of everything's unity and existence. Finally, since everything reverts … [Read more...]

A Few Interesting Links

These links were brought to my attention by the good spiders at Google Alerts...The Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism from Marquette UniversityVeni Creator Spiritus: A Monograph on the Theology of the Holy Spirit Until the Time of Tertullian and Origen by Michel Rene BarnesThe Trinity: A Muslim Perspective by Abdal-Hakim Murad, a lecture delivered at Oxford in 1996A Blogger and a friend of his dialogue on the above article.Special thanks to J.R.M. and Steven Wedgeworth, both … [Read more...]