In Honour of Nature

In Honour of Nature: The Sacred Well in a New Time By Mary Shanahan Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry: Lumenium, 2007 Review by Carl McColmanI love Irish holy wells. The sacred wells dedicated to St. Brigid in Kildare and Liscannor; Tobernault near Sligo; and Tober Phadraig near Clonmel are some of the most beautiful and moving spiritual sites I've ever visited — and these are just a few of the natural water sources in Ireland that have been venerated as places of healing and spiritual presence for ages u … [Read more...]

Brigid’s Well

I've created a new page for this website that I'm calling the Holy Well. Eventually I'd like it to be a page devoted to Celtic Spirituality, in much the same way as my Mystics page is devoted to the great contemplatives of the western tradition and the Spiritual Formation page is devoted to the practice of Christian spirituality. But for now, I needed some content just to get the page going, so I resurrected a page from the old "Brigid's Well" website I had set up in my druid days. Basically it … [Read more...]