How to Become a Mystic

I've been thinking about how so many self-help books begin with "How to..." Consider these examples:How to Win Friends and Influence People How to Raise the Perfect Dog How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth How to Stop Worrying and Start Living How to Lie with Statistics... and there are many, many more. But to the best of my knowledge, no one has written a book on How to Become a Christian Mystic. I wonder if such a book would be useful to people. … [Read more...]

That which is different

My brother Don and I were chatting this morning, and I mentioned an evangelical friend of mine who has a "secret" interest in Catholic mysticism. Don, who describes himself as an "agnostic hedonist," made the following fascinating observation: You know, the evangelical movement could do so much good, but people's fear of that which is different just screws things up. Now, in their defense, the fear of "that which is different" is not unique to evangelicals (or to Christians in general). In fact, … [Read more...]