Quote for the Day

O Love, why should you be so unknown and why should you, as it were, throw yourself and all your delights at everyone whilst people are trying to find you in hidden corners and obscure places where they will never come across you? How foolish they are not to breathe the fresh air, not to wander about the countryside, not to drink the abundant water, not to recognize and seize hold of God and see his holiness in all things. — Jean-Pierre de Caussade, Abandonment to Divine Providence N.B. As I r … [Read more...]

If God is everywhere, and God is in heaven, then where are you?

I think my favorite phrase in the Nicene Creed is "light from light." It's not just a poetic way to say that God is brilliant (well, maybe it is a poetic way to say that, but it's so much more than that as well). God is not only the light by which we apprehend God, truth, love, life; God is also the creator of physical light (the pure wave/particle energy that our eyes feast on, and indeed even our skin and our psyches — seasonal affective disorder recognizes that not enough light can lead to d … [Read more...]