A Gift for Lorraine

Okay, my friends, get your kleenex ready. This video tells the story of a 96-year-old man who wrote a song for his recently deceased wife (of over 70 years), and how a local recording studio helped to bring the song to life. Part of what's so cool for me personally is that we share the same anniversary (June 26), although of course they celebrated their golden anniversary three years before Fran and I got married.And be sure to download the song from iTunes (I have). … [Read more...]

Jesus was a healer. Are you?

A friend of mine from my church sent me a link to this video. It's an inspiring story about a church-run health clinic for low income folks. This is something I think every church ought to prayerfully consider: how can a ministry like this be established in your neighborhood?Or, go directly to the Church Health Center's Website. … [Read more...]

12 down, 31 to go

Facebook is awash with a "25 Random Facts" meme, in which individuals are asked to write 25 random facts about themselves, and then tag a bunch of their friends to do the same. In case you want to read it, my list is here.Item #22 on my list concerns a "bucket list" — a life-long to-do list, consisting of key goals to complete over the course of a lifetime. I created a rather modest list along these lines when I was 30; I say "modest" because I had completed everything on the list within 15 y … [Read more...]