Quote for the Day

You might stare for hours at a sunset, and suddenly disappear into the World Soul, and feel yourself at one with all nature. This is well and good. But nature is not the source of this intuition. Worms and rats and foxes and weasels do not stare for hours at the sunset, and marvel at its beauty, and transcend themselves in that release — even though their senses are in many cases much sharper than ours, even though they see nature more clearly than we! No, nature is not the source of this B … [Read more...]

Relations, Integrally

Happy New Year, everyone. May this be a year of good and beautiful dreams come true.The other night at a Christmas party I had an interesting conversation with my friend Joe and a couple of young men who are students at the Art Institute of Chicago. We spoke about the relationship between art and politics. One of the students was very interested in this connection, and felt that "justice" was a category that could be applied to how we understand pretty much any kind of artwork. Does any given … [Read more...]

Stephen Prothero on “Separate Truths”

If you are interested in interfaith dialog, please take a few minutes and read this article by Boston University professor Stephen Prothero:Separate Truths: It is misleading — and dangerous — to think that religions are different paths to the same wisdomI'm on an email list where people are discussing this article, and folks have mixed feelings about it. I think it's challenging for liberal-minded folks to have one of our cherished ideals — "way deep down beneath cultural differences, we are … [Read more...]

Richard Rohr at Boulder Integral

Here are a few Youtube videos worth watching, featuring Richard Rohr speaking at an Integral Conference in Boulder last October. I especially love his comments about Karl Rahner's 50-year challenge to the church... … [Read more...]

Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves

Ken Wilber describes a significant malaise of our time as "boomeritis." What he means by this is the tendency among highly educated and self-actualized persons (as typified by the baby boomer generation) to embrace values that include pluralism, egalitarianism, subjective/personal understandings of truth, and a general "live and let live" ethos, but that often appears marred by egocentrism, narcissism, and self-absorption. In other words, a laudable value system that promotes freedom of … [Read more...]

On the Vatican’s Visitation of American Nuns

Early this year the Vatican launched a three-year, anonymously financed "visitation" of American women religious (i.e, nuns). This visitation apparently has two dimensions: first, an effort to assess the quality of life of the sisters, which apparently extends to exploring why there has been a drop in the number of women entering religious life. But there is also an investigation being conducted of the leadership conference that represents the vast majority of American nuns — addressing concerns … [Read more...]

Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends for your Friday enjoyment...Mike Morrell, who is "Facebook Friends with everyone on the planet," has an interesting little conversation going on at his blog about apologetics and post-postmodernism (yes, that's right, two - count 'em - "posts" there). Basically, he's pondering the question of whether or not the emergent/postmodern conversation is already getting a bit long in the tooth, thanks to the newest generation which is bringing an entirely new set of concerns and … [Read more...]