WSCA Interview Tonight

Tonight I'll be interviewed by Deidre Hebert on WSCA 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for her "Pagan FM" program. Dee is doing a series on Paganism in conversation with other faiths, and I suspected I was selected to be the Catholic on the show because of my former sojourn in the Pagan community. So the conversation should be interesting: not only about why I am a Catholic, and how I see Catholicism in conversation/dialog with Neopaganism, but also perhaps looking at the dynamics of my own … [Read more...]

An Idea for Interfaith Contemplative Theology

This came to me this morning as I was talking my morning walk. I was thinking about the challenge of talking about Christian spirituality to non-Christians. So much of the traditional language of spirituality — humility, repentance, obedience, holiness, self-denial, asceticism, and so forth — is distasteful to our postmodern sensibilities. Even Christians struggle with much of this language; how much more so would many non-Christians find it unappealing.I don't think we need to apologize for tr … [Read more...]


I've just found a new website devoted to interfaith dialogue and spirituality that looks very promising. Check it out: … [Read more...]


The other day I took a walk with a friend of mine, about my age, who is going through a spiritual transition. He was at one point a very devout Christian, going to seminary with the hope of becoming a missionary. But a crisis of faith cut that journey short, and launched him on an unexpected trajectory of criticism toward organized religion that has finally resulted in his declaring to me, just the other night, that he has begun to wonder if perhaps he is an atheist. It became clear from our … [Read more...]

Voice of a Non-Dualist Christian Woman

I think I may have found an important feminine voice in the field of interfaith mysticism: Sara Grant, R.S.C.J. Look at this description of one of her books, from the University of Notre Dame Press Website: Toward an Alternative Theology: Confessions of a Non-Dualist Christian By Sara Grant, R.S.C.J. Introduction by Bradley J. MalkovskyToward an Alternative Theology: Confessions of a Non-Dualist Christian is the spiritual and intellectual autobiography of Sara Grant, a Roman Catholic Scottish … [Read more...]