A Few Thoughts on Psalm 46:10 (Cedar Hill Blog)

Hello friends. I've recently written a post for the Cedar Hill Blog. Cedar Hill is a wonderful retreat center located in Gainesville, GA; I will be leading a day of reflection and renewal centered on contemplation and interfaith spirituality on Saturday, April 2. If you live within shouting distance (or, better yet, driving distance), I hope I'll see you there.Here's the link to the blog post: The Essential and Necessary Link Between Contemplation and Peacemaking.And here's a bit more about … [Read more...]

Interfaith Atlanta

If you live in or near Metro Atlanta, and are interested in joining the great conversation between persons of different religions, faiths, and/or wisdom traditions, here are a few online resources to get you started:ATLANTA INTERFAITH LEADERS FELLOWSHIP — An informal organization for bringing together persons of all faiths who share an interest in interfaith world. The fellowship's mission is "to provide a gathering place where persons engaged in interfaith work can share ideas and e … [Read more...]

Of the Equinox and the Spirituality of the Earth

Twice this week, on two separate occasions coming from two different individuals, I have been invited to participate in Spring Equinox rituals that will take place this weekend.Ten years ago that would have been nothing remarkable, as I was a regular participant in Wiccan and Neopagan groups like the House of Oak Spring or the Grove of the Unicorn or the now-defunct local grove of Ár nDraíocht Féin. But since I wandered "out of the woods and into the Catholic Church" in 2005, understandably my … [Read more...]

How Little We Know, How Much We Miss

I'm entering into 2010 reflecting on the limits of knowledge and the challenges facing anyone interested in interreligious dialogue or interfaith spirituality. If we are not humbled by how little we know, we are in trouble.Ali of Meadowsweet & Myrrh, in her latest contribution to a conversation we've been having about the movie Avatar and the representation of pagan, indigenous and/or pantheistic spirituality in that movie, has this perceptive insight: I am all for interfaith dialogue and … [Read more...]

Kakure Kirishitan

Follow this link to read a fascinating article about a sect in Japan that evolved after the earliest Christian missionaries arrived in the sixteenth century. When Christianity was suppressed starting in the early 1600s, Japan's first Christians had to adapt to survive — and they did, by blending Christianity with elements of Buddhism and Shinto. I think one can easily find parallels to the history of Christianity in Ireland, Africa, and elsewhere.Japan's "Hidden Christians" Face E … [Read more...]

Voice of a Non-Dualist Christian Woman

I think I may have found an important feminine voice in the field of interfaith mysticism: Sara Grant, R.S.C.J. Look at this description of one of her books, from the University of Notre Dame Press Website: Toward an Alternative Theology: Confessions of a Non-Dualist Christian By Sara Grant, R.S.C.J. Introduction by Bradley J. MalkovskyToward an Alternative Theology: Confessions of a Non-Dualist Christian is the spiritual and intellectual autobiography of Sara Grant, a Roman Catholic Scottish … [Read more...]