Of Gods and Men: Of Martyrs for Life

Of Gods and Men, the award-winning French film about Cistercian monks who lived at the Monastery of Tibhirine in Algeria and who were killed in 1996 during the Algerian civil war, will begin showing in Atlanta next Friday, April 1. I had the privilege to attend an advance screening sponsored by Sony Pictures today. The film has already been screening in New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities, so you can fairly easily find reviews of it online. And for the most part, it's getting plenty of … [Read more...]

Integrate Silence

The two-disc DVD release of Into Great Silence is out. If you haven't seen this luminous film about life in a Carthusian monastery, now you have no excuses. If you want to read my review of the film, click here. Meanwhile, I'll mention that one of the things I love this most about this film is its lack of voice-over narration. The director allows his simple, unadorned footage to tell the story. In doing so, the sense of distance between viewer and subject is lessened, if not erased altogether. … [Read more...]