He Met the Walrus

In 1969, a young teenager named Jerry Levitan sneaked into John Lennon's hotel room, with a reel-to-reel tape recorder. He interviewed Lennon for about five minutes, and now that recording has been set to a most Beatle-esque animation. It's way cool, and what's probably most wonderful of all are Lennon's insightful comments about the meaning of music, peace and nonviolence, why violent revolutions always fail, the truth about human nature, and why he was having a hard time gaining entry into the … [Read more...]

The Gospel of John (Lennon)

Yesterday John Lennon's Imagine popped into my life twice. Twice in one day...While driving home from mass, suddenly I was singing it. Which was a little odd, since I don't typically sing John Lennon songs, and I don't recall having heard it lately. But there it was, rolling off my tongue: "No hell below us... above us only sky..." I thought about how bizarre it was when about five or six years ago or so I attended a funeral at a Presbyterian Church of a former boss of mine, and a soloist … [Read more...]