Julian and the Cloud, unplugged

Following Maggie Ross's challenge to read the mystics in their original, untranslated texts, I thought I'd highlight some of the editions of both Julian of Norwich's text and The Cloud of Unknowing that can be acquired in the original (or slightly modernized) form. Yesterday I posted a query to Maggie's blog to get a sense of which of these texts she would recommend, and the ones she endorses I've set in bold type. So, check these books out...The options are greater with Julian's text. First … [Read more...]

Maggie Ross’s Response

Here's what Maggie Ross posted on her blog, in response to the questions I posed to her yesterday.First, for those just joining the conversation, here is what I wrote to her: Dear Maggie Ross,First of all, I'm honored even to be mentioned in your blog. I read Pillars of Flame years ago and was impressed by its eloquence, the force of its argument, and its spiritual depth. I still consult both appendices regularly.Now, as to my unlikely appearance in your blog: I'm humbled by your … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

We can never exhaust the mystery of the divine Trinity, but we can continually refresh ourselves in contemplation of it. — Grace M. Jantzen, Julian of Norwich: Mystic and Theologian … [Read more...]

Contemplative Apps

Okay all you iPhone lovers out there — I've been meaning to do this for a while: list the four apps that I find the most useful for my spiritual practice. I hope you find them useful as well.If there is one app that I think is the most essential, it would have to be Zen Timer by Spotlight Six. This handy little tool will liberate you from ever having to worry about how much time you have to pray. Easy to use, the app features a variety of sounds from bells and gongs such as those you will find … [Read more...]

Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography

Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography By Amy Frykholm Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2010 Review by Carl McColmanStories are important. Spirituality is a field that can easily get lost in the most arcane types of discourse: philosophy, theology, psychology, scholarly prose. Such writing, no matter how well done, always seems to have a quality of abstract otherness that fails to fully engage the reader. By contrast, a heartfelt story: someone's autobiography, a parable, or even a … [Read more...]

New “Cloud of Unknowing” Prayer Card Available!

I'm pleased to announce that I have a new prayer card available! This one features quotations from The Cloud of Unknowing and The Book of Private Counsel which is generally regarded as written by the author of The Cloud. Here's what the front and back of the prayer card look like:Of course, I still have plenty of my original Julian of Norwich Prayer Card:I don't sell these cards, but I do ask that anyone wanting them send me a self-addressed, stamped business sized envelope. I'll use your … [Read more...]

A bookmark for you (and your friends)…

To help promote The Big Book of Christian Mysticism, I have had some bookmarks printed up. As you can see, they feature the cover design of the book, along with a few interesting quotations from St. Francis de Sales, St. Catherine of Siena, and Karl Rahner, SJ. On the back of the bookmark are blurbs from folks like Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, and Brian McLaren, endorsing the book.Now, my job is to make sure these bookmarks get placed in the  hands of people interested in mysticism. … [Read more...]