Stations of the Cross with Julian of Norwich

If you live in Atlanta, I hope you'll make time during Holy Week to join the Atlanta Julian Meeting for a special event on Tuesday, March 18. The group will be praying the Stations of the Cross, using a version published by The Friends of Julian of Norwich in the UK. Each station features an excerpt from the mystical writings of Julian of Norwich, along with a Bible passage and one or two short prayers. The Stations of the Cross is a beautiful devotion, and Julian's vivid, visionary writing … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

The notion of the "ground" of the soul (an idea very important, too, in Eckhart and the Rhineland mystics) is developed by Julian especially in her teaching on prayer. For Julian it is in prayer that we realize the truth of her conviction that "all shall be well," for in prayer we turn to God in trust and beseech his help and mercy. And we are sure that such prayer is effective, for such prayer rises to God himself from God himself. "I am the ground of thy beseeching," says Christ to Julian. … [Read more...]

For all who seek to develop their spiritual practice…

This question showed up in my email inbox this morning: If you could select three books to recommend to all who seek to develop their spiritual practice, what would they be? It's a tricky question because of the word "all." Two of the the three books I'm recommending here are Christian in origin and scope, but I believe all three can be profitably read by both Christians and non-Christians. Anyone with an ideologically rigid understanding of Christianity (either for or against) will have trouble … [Read more...]

La Peste

Here is a sobering article about the on-going threat of the bubonic plague. Even now, there are ten to twenty cases in America each year.Many scholars speculate that Julian of Norwich may have lost family members to the plague. We know that she lived through several outbreaks of the pestilence. It's important to remember that, despite the advances of science and technology and the comfort that first worlders can take in access to treatment, still on a very primal level the world we live in is … [Read more...]

Quote for the Day

This [vision of God's joyful presence in the human soul] was a delectable sight and a restful showing that is this way without end. The contemplation of this while we are here is most pleasant to God and a very great profit to us. The soul that contemplates it this way makes itself like him who is contemplated, and joins itself to him in rest and peace by his grace." — Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, translated by M. L. del Mastro … [Read more...]