Celtic Monks Observed Three Lents Each Year — Perhaps We Should Too

When we think of Celtic spirituality in our day, we might think of nature mysticism, or of poetry and storytelling, or even of a holistic spirituality that embodies the best of both paganism and Christianity. But what we often forget is how important monasteries were to the ancient Celts.St. Brigid was the abbess of a great monastery. So was St. Kevin, and St. Brendan, and St. Columcille. The sites we think of as great Celtic Holy Sites: Kildare, Glendalough, Clonmacnoise, Skellig Michael, … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Observing a Holy Lent

Let us pray...God, we ask for your blessing during this Holy Season of Lent. Give us the grace of your presence, your inspiration, and your call to a renewed life grounded in you.Lord, be with us, and hear our prayer.Help us to empty our lives of that which is not truly necessary. Give us the gift of hungering for you, of thirsting for your justice, of desiring your presence in our hearts and our lives. Bless our fasting and our abstinence so that it may open our lives to offer you … [Read more...]

The Choices We Make Determine Who We Are

This morning I was reading St. John of the Cross, and came across this passage.An act of virtue produces and fosters in the soul mildness, peace, comfort, light, purity, and strength, just as an inordinate appetite brings about torment, fatigue, weariness, blindness, and weakness. Through the practice of one virtue all the virtues grow, and similarly, through an increase of one vice, all the vices and their effects grow.—John of the Cross, The Ascent of Mount Carmel, I.10.5 from The C … [Read more...]