Technical Contemplation and Relational Contemplation

I'm reading an interesting essay, called "Psychedelic Contemplation." It's in a book called Resistance and Contemplation: The Way of Liberation by James W. Douglass. Douglass is a peace activist who first came to prominence protesting the Vietnam War (he's still at it, nowadays living in a Catholic Worker House in Birmingham and still writing about nonviolence and Catholic theology). Resistance and Contemplation first was published in 1972, so it has an immediacy to the events and zeitgeist of … [Read more...]

(The Man Who Inspired) Timothy Leary is Dead

Albert Hofmann, who first synthesized LSD, has died. He was 102 years old. His "problem child," as he once called the psychedelic substance, turns 70 this year. Which means he was 32 when he first created acid — kind of ironic when you think about that famous slogan of the 60s, "Never trust anyone over 30."I tried LSD once, when I was in High School. It was 1979. It was a very nice, sunny spring day; I went with a friend to Newport News Park near my hometown of Hampton, Virginia; we spent the d … [Read more...]