What Christian Mysticism is Not

One way to understand Christian mysticism would be to begin by clarifying what things are commonly called “mysticism” but really aren’t — at least, not from an orthodox Christian perspective:Christian mysticism is not occultism. It’s not about uncovering some long lost secret, à la The DaVinci Code. Christian mysticism is not magic. It’s not about wielding spiritual power or engineering our own experience. Christian mysticism is not esotericism. It's not about learning techniques for psychic … [Read more...]

Magic and Miracles

Recently I was bemused by a review of one of my Neopagan books in which the critic, in panning the book, accused me of "not believing in magic." I thought, "Well, if she means I don't believe in magic the way a 6-year-old believes in Santa Claus, I guess she's right." Still, it was interesting for me to ponder about how I think about magic, both now (almost three years after entering the Catholic faith) and then (the book in question, Before You Cast a Spell, was written in 2003).I first was … [Read more...]