Read an excerpt from my new book!

Paraclete Press, the publisher of my new book on the spiritual lessons from Narnia, has posted a generous excerpt from the book in PDF format online. Please take a moment to read it — and if you find it entertaining or useful, I hope you'll order a copy (or three) for yourself or to give away.Click here to read an excerpt of The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader.Click here to order The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader from … [Read more...]

Lectio Divina as a tool for… creating an Action Plan?!?

I nicked the following graphic from the Paulist Press website, where they are promoting their new Catholic Prayer Bible: Lectio Divina Edition. It's coming out in a couple of months; and when I first heard about it, I was excited at the concept: a Bible designed to support the practice of lectio divina. Wow. I was looking forward not only to acquiring my own copy, but to selling it through the store where I work.But then I saw this graphic, and my anticipation turned to dismay. Look at it … [Read more...]

Mysticism Wow

When I was a teenager listening to rock music (okay, so I'm a midlifer who still listens to rock, but that's another story), among my friends the worst thing you could say about a musician or a band was that they had "gone commercial." The idea was that pop and rock existed on a continuum, with "pure musicianship" at one end and "money-grubbing sell-outs" at the other. As teenagers, we really couldn't grasp the subtlety that in a free market society, all art is commercial to some extent — we j … [Read more...]