Mary, Martha, and Meister Eckhart

The story of Mary and Martha of Bethany — where Martha is busy serving the guests while Mary sits with Jesus, leading to the point where Martha complains about her sister not helping out with all the work that needs to be done, only to have Jesus defend Mary for choosing "the better part" (Luke 10:38-42) — has long been regarded as a story about how the contemplative life is "higher" than the active life. The Cloud of Unknowing forcefully makes this traditional argument. But in her book The Sil … [Read more...]

Mary and Martha Revisited

A friend of mine wrote me this note:I struggle at times to see the point of non-mystic relationships with our Abba. I don't want to judge but it feels as if mystics connect with God and all else is religion. Even as I prepare to go to a contemporary church service where many enjoy the worship and talking, I would rather just be somewhere quiet with my Source and Lover of my soul.You've written somewhere on your website about the connection between mystics / contemplatives and INFP's. Do we … [Read more...]