Instead of singing for your supper, how about blogging for books?

This post is aimed at people who blog, or have a podcast, or in some other way like to express themselves online. If you are not such a person, feel free to skip this, unless you'd like a peek into how book marketing works...My irrepressible friend Mike Morrell is a publicist who promotes progressive Christian books. One of the ways he does this is by seeking bloggers who would be willing to read his client's books and write reviews on their blogs. He did this kind of thing for a number of y … [Read more...]

Another interesting article…

Mike Morrell pointed this one out to me: an article by N. T. Wright on C. S. Lewis.Simply Lewis: Reflections on a Master Apologist After 60 Years … [Read more...]

Odds and Ends

A few odds and ends for your Friday enjoyment...Mike Morrell, who is "Facebook Friends with everyone on the planet," has an interesting little conversation going on at his blog about apologetics and post-postmodernism (yes, that's right, two - count 'em - "posts" there). Basically, he's pondering the question of whether or not the emergent/postmodern conversation is already getting a bit long in the tooth, thanks to the newest generation which is bringing an entirely new set of concerns and … [Read more...]

More on the Future of Mysticism

Mike Morrell calls my recent post on the future of mysticism "the most important spirituality post I’ve encountered thus far in 2009." Wow, I'm flattered. Meanwhile, in the comments section of Mike's post, a fellow named Jason Aldridge has engaged in a spirited discussion with Mike on the value of interreligious spirituality. It's well worth taking a few minutes to read. Check out the conversation here: Carl McColman’s 7 Theses on the Future of Christian Spirituality … [Read more...]

Jesus sure knows how to work a Crowder

Mike Morrell has posted a series on his blog featuring the bad boy of the charismatic world, John Crowder, who's stumping for drinking deep of God's serotonin, and opening your heart to truly find ecstatic joy and delirious fun in your encounter with your creator. Mike is a good foil for John, asking some hard questions, some fun questions, and generally teasing out a fascinating view of contemporary Christian experience that you're not likely to find at your neighborhood Episcopal Church.Here … [Read more...]