How Saint Benedict Can Help Us Grow Spiritually

How can the wisdom of the monastery help folks like you and me — who are not monks or nuns — to grow spiritually?To answer that question, we can begin by looking at The Rule of Saint Benedict.The Rule of Saint Benedict remains one of the great classics of western spirituality, even though it was written for a very small and specific audience: monks and nuns. What on the surface looks like an administrative manual for the smooth operation of a monastery is actually a text full of profound … [Read more...]

Mindfulness and Contemplation

Recently a reader left the following comment on this blog:I have been reading and tried to practice the way of a contemplative life although poorly I believe. But my hunger for anything on the topic of contemplation continues. Recently I have also been enticed into “mindfulness” practices. Now what or how do you relation contemplation and Mindfulness? They’re beginning to sound that there is a correlation? Thank you!Thanks for your comment. First of all, we are all "poor" when it comes to con … [Read more...]