Concerning Myth and Miracles

One of the fun things about blogging is the fact that I'm always getting in trouble, one way or the other.Here's my latest infraction — on Thursday when I wrote about the Annunciation, I dared to say "Whether the Annunciation be a miracle or a myth, it’s a powerful story that is well worth our consideration." This was too much for a reader named Andy who commented: I’ve been following your blog with interest for a few weeks now, but I suppose I finally see I’m just in the wrong place when you f … [Read more...]

Magic and Miracles

Recently I was bemused by a review of one of my Neopagan books in which the critic, in panning the book, accused me of "not believing in magic." I thought, "Well, if she means I don't believe in magic the way a 6-year-old believes in Santa Claus, I guess she's right." Still, it was interesting for me to ponder about how I think about magic, both now (almost three years after entering the Catholic faith) and then (the book in question, Before You Cast a Spell, was written in 2003).I first was … [Read more...]