A Kiss from Mom and a Lesson About Suffering

Early this morning (August 15, 2009) I had a dream in which I was standing outside a building, like an officer’s club on a small military base. It felt like I was in Florida or somewhere else where the winters are mild. There may have been palm trees, but I’m not sure. What I do remember is that I stood outside the building, with tables and chairs all around me, as if this were a place where people can gather and share a meal. Perhaps there were a few others milling about; again, I don’t recall f … [Read more...]

Forever Young

This photograph of my mom and dad was taken on December 29, 2003. They were both eighty years old at the time, and had been married just over 58 years. They were married on December 14, 1945, so today is their 62nd anniversary.Here is a snapshot taken on December 14, 1945, the day they got married.They only knew each other for about six months when they married, and for much of that time, dad was stationed away from mom so they courted through the mail. As for the big day — well, they e … [Read more...]